Different Types of Entry Methods.


ALSO NOTE:  If you sent an entry and have not gotten a emailed preliminary confirmation with in 1 week after you mailed it, please contact us. DO NOT wait until the trial has closed. We cannot do anything at that point and you will not be able to participate in the trial.  

1.  FIRST RECEIVED  (AKC or NADAC).  This is the most common method used in our area for AKC trials and the only method we currently use.  Entries cannot be received at the trial secretary's address prior to the opening date and time. For example, if the Opening date is Wednesday August 13th at 8 AM, any entries that get delivered BEFORE Wednesday, August 13th at 8 am will be refused.  You can mail them before the opeing date, but the envelope with the entry cannot arrive at the door or in the mailbox before the actual opening date and time.  Typically, entries CANNOT be hand delivered (dropped off) within the first 24 hours of a trial opening. Westminster specifies no hand delivery within the first 48 hours of the trial opening date/time. Please see the individual trial premiums for hand delivery restrictions for each event.

2.  RANDOM DRAW - (AKC):  We do not currently have any trials that use this method of entry. A brief description...there is a specific "Opening Period" during which entries are accepted.  At the close of the "opening period" there is then a random draw of entries at a specified time and place.  A certain number of dogs can be given automatic entry (based on the number of rings) if the handler is volunteering to work (the choice of who these will be is up to the club).  All exhibitors should be notified within a maximum of 2 weeks (one week or less is recommended) after the drawing - letting them know if they have been accepted or not.  There is no advantage to sending entries via an over night service during the "opening period".  Please read more details in the AKC Regulations for Agility Trials

3.  POSTMARK DATE (NADAC ONLY): This is variation of the random draw.  Entries are based of the Postmark date. No entry can be postmarked BEFORE the opening date or it is not a valid entry and will not be accepted.  All entries are sorted by POSTMARK DATE - not the actual delivery date.  The time of the day when it is stamped on the opening postmark date does not matter.  After allowing approximately one week for all the entries postmarked on the opening date to arrive, entries are accepted in a random order from the group postmarked with the first day or postmark opening date.  Preference is given to a limited number of volunteer workers.  If the trial does not fill with entries postmarked on the first day (the postmark opening date), then entries are randomly chosen from all entries postmarked the following day and so one until the trial fills.  Please remember that even if the postmark opening date is Wednesday August 13, that we will not start processing entries until at least the following Wednesday August 20 and notifications will not go out until probably Friday, August 22. So please be patient and allow us time for these Postmark Date NADAC trials.  Also - it is best to get the entry envelope hand stamped at the post office so that the postmark date is legible.  There is no advantage to sending entries via an over night service for a Postmark Date Opening method trial.  There is no guarantee that entries in the same envelope will be handled together.





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