Westminster Kennel Club
February 8, 2020
Pier 94
711 12th Ave. (W. 55th St. & West Side Hwy.)
New York, NY 10019






Please remember to go online to update your dog's Media Profile and to update titles: http://wkcdoginfo.org


Exhibitor Information Guide
2020 Westminster Exhibitor Information Guide

Sample Final Confirmation

Running Order 1-15-20



New News: This year Fox will be broadcasting on the FS1
 on Sunday Feb. 9th at 8 PM


NOTE: Here is the link for Hotels:



Please note - the Premium contains a fillable PDF entry form - please use this if possible to help make your entry form more readable instead of hand writing your entries
 Westminster Premium.pdf


For more information go to:


We will update with parking and setup times and information as they become available.

Benching info


What are the actual dimensions of each "bench"?  Benches are 32" wide and 42" deep

How high off the ground? About 8 inches

How wide are the aisles? About 5 feet

No personal chairs?  Sorry No chairs. No room. Fire hazard. 

Finals will be SUNDAY Feb 9th on Fox Sports One FS1 at 8 PM

Please note that you will receive a detailed final confirmation from Fast Times Agility regarding your entry.  Any questions related strictly to your actual entry data should be directed to trialsec@fasttimesagility.com 

 Any other questions about the event unrelated to your entry data should be directed to pcampanella@westminsterkennelclub.org




  Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 7 AM EST.
ENTRIES CLOSE:   Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 5 PM EST  Secondary Waitlist closing date Monday January 20 at 3 PM EST.
LIMIT:  660 runs per day.  Open to Dogs with MACH title only at the time of entry, or if entering preferred, PACH at the time of entering. 
ENTRY METHODFirst received.  Please see premium for details
  Pier 94, 711 12th Ave. (W. 55th St. & West Side Hwy.) New York, NY 10019
TRIAL CHAIRPERSONS: David A. Helming, 111 Broadway Suite 805, New York, NY 10006  212-213-3165 
TRIAL SECRETARY:  Click to email me  SPECIAL MAILING ADDRESS JUST FOR WESTMINSTER: Fast Times, 217 Cameron Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090-2405.  Phone: 215-784-0205     Fax 1-888-521-1706
JUDGING: All Judging will be indoors and start at 8:00 AM. Surface: Artificial Turf.
PRELIMINARY CONFIRMATIONS: Fast Times will send preliminary confirmations either as attachments via email or in the body of an email to all exhibitors who provide their email address.  If you do not have and email address and want a preliminary confirmation, please send a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Remember - You can type your dogs data DIRECTLY in the PDF entry form and print it out.

NOTE: If you get an "Enter Network Password" window when trying to download any of these files, just click "CANCEL" and then the file will open. Do the same thing if the box appears when returning back to this web page.

To download FREE Adobe Reader click on the logo below.


Westminster will not be using exhibitors for ring help.  Contact Bonnie Ovnicek at bovnicek@yahoo.com if you are not exhibiting and wish to be hired to help or if you are entered and someone with you can work at the trial.


See Premium


There shall be no refunds for entries withdrawn in the event a dog and/or handler are dismissed from competition, regardless of the reason for such dismissal.  Refunds are allowed if requested before the closing date.  Refunds after closing date for bitches in season only. A $5.00 processing fee for ANY refunds.  ALL REFUND REQUESTS BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE MUST INCLUDE OWNERS NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS WITH REQUEST.

BITCHES IN SEASON are not eligible to participate.  Entry fees will be refunded subject to a $5.00 processing fee.  Written verification from a veterinarian is required.  Notification for refund of bitches in season must be RECEIVED before the start of the event.  A copy of Veterinarian's note AND copy of Final Trial Confirmation for dog MUST accompany any such refund request.  Requests should be scanned and emailed as an attachment or faxed to 888-521-1706

See the premium for additional refund information


Trial results showing the qualifiers for the trial will be available a few days after the trial.

Check back to see updated information.



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